Forex Glossary

Traders, especially beginners, may not know or understand some Forex terms, so we provide our users with a list of specialized terms with their definitions.

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trade operations where money resources move from base currency into quoting currency and vice versa


current general direction of price movement

Trend lines

the straight lines with a positive slope, plotted on a graph through low points when the tendencies are uprising, and with a negative slope, drawn through the high points when tendencies are declining; the lines define the current trends; the trend line gaps usually signal tendency changes

Order level

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Price gap

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The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the OPEC

was established in 1960 by the world’s largest exporters in order to create common oil policy and ensure stable prices on global oil market.


is a unit of liquid volume which is used on international oil market. Price for basic oil brands is estimated in dollars per barrel.

Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)

is oil-producing company which develops reserves in western area of Kazakhstan. Oil is transported by means of pipeline to the shores of the Black Sea for further transportation to Europe.

Light Sweet

is a standard oil brand which is extracted in Texas (the USA). Due to low content of sulfur and relatively high output of useful products, it is used mainly for gasoline processing. This kind of oil is in high demand in the USA and China. Light Sweet Crude Oil is a pricing benchmark for world types of oil. It is traded on NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange).


is a standard oil brand which is sourced near the European shoreline in the North Sea. This brand is famous for low percentage of sulfur which makes it attractive for oil-processing companies. Brent is a pricing benchmark for almost 40% of all global oil brands. It is traded on international oil markets.

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