Forex Glossary

Traders, especially beginners, may not know or understand some Forex terms, so we provide our users with a list of specialized terms with their definitions.

En TermEn Description

a special personal account opened with the company by a client. This account is used to offset the obligations of the client and dealer, resulting from the deals concluded under the present agreement


a comparatively abrupt movement of a price or value level upwards or downwards (usually exceeding spread). Spikes have a peculiarity of recurrence during a certain period of time, from several minutes to several hours. According to InstaForex Public Offer Agreement, all positions opened and closed by non-market quotations are to be cancelled, which guarantees the safeguard of funds against spikes

Account history

a full list of completed transactions and non-trading operations of a certain trading account


a trading account management algorithm in a form of a program engineered in MetaQuotes Language 4, that sends requests and orders to the server via the client terminal (platform)


the total financial result of all fully executed transactions and deposits/withdrawals to/from an account

Base currency

currency unit in which an account, balances, commission fees and payments are nominated and calculated


the firm that provides crediting services and trader support

Bull market

market that tends toward escalating rates


traders that count on currency rate escalation


physical or legal party executing operations with the company

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