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MT5Forum is a unique project by the MT5 web portal created for traders from all over the globe to communicate freely. The forum is available to anyone regardless of their trading experience. Both rookies and professional traders are welcomed here. MT5Forum is a large-scale web resource available in English and Russian. Here, registered users can discuss various aspects of trading, share their opinions on brokers and forex projects, and discover pros and cons of trading through the MetaTrader platform. Any user, who could be a forex expert or a beginner trader, can start a new discussion or join ongoing ones. Besides, forum topics are not limited to forex trading. To take a break from trading, visit the section with various jokes, caricatures etc, or suggest your own topic for discussion. Moreover, MT5Forum is a web portal where you can earn extra profit. For example, you can receive bonuses on your deposit by posting comments or participating in other interesting contests held by the forum administration. The contests are sponsored by affiliate brokers of MT5Forum that enable traders to increase deposits on their accounts.

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Comments (2)

    Vladimir On 02 November 2016 At 04:16 pm
  • Great portal! I've known so much useful information on these pages! Also I'm posting comments here and get bonus for it. The amount isn't huge, but it pleasant for me. Never delayed payments.

    Alex On 16 May 2016 At 02:38 pm
  • There is plenty of information! I opened an account there only for bonuses and now I'm posting comments on this forum. Also I always read analytics and fresh news on this portal, it really helps me in trading.

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