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Zorro.by is a trend-following advisor that strictly regulates the sizes of Take Profit and Stop Loss. Using this advisor, a trader can open several deals during a day. Zorro.by will suit accounts with large deposits because of small deal sizes and considerable price fluctuations towards Take Profit or Stop Loss. The advisor does not use the Martingale strategy. The writers recommend this robot to those who can afford a deposit of several thousand dollars. Zorro.by may bring in the profit up to 60% a year with calm trading. In case of any questions, writers can be addressed directly via Skype (zorro.by) or email.

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    sunny On 14 March 2016 At 03:51 pm
  • I just downloaded this advisor and tried to connect it to fxcm. It's very strange but there is an error. I checked login/password many times, but it still can't connect... Does Zorro work with FXCM or not?