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ForEx Xtra Pilot
ForEx Xtra Pilot


Price 98 USD

Description / Features

ForEx Xtra Pilot consists of 4 reliable and profitable strategies. It is able to generate ~5% profit for every deal. It is fully automated without manual setting required. The trading lot size is calculated from account balance and standard appropriate risk level that is suitable for every traders, so that it will never over and under leverage. As the profit`s level becomes higher and higher, trading lot size will also increase accordingly to growth of profit. If it wrongly apply for other currencies in different time frame chart, it will be still able to open order correctly. The Risk & Reward Ratio (RRR) of this Expert Advisor is 0.4 or equivalent to 20 pips stop loss and 50 pips take profit. ForEx Xtra Pilot also takes into consideration percentage of drawdown when market goes to oppossite direction.

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Comments (3)

    Mateo On 09 November 2016 At 10:43 am
  • Good advisor, really profitable strategies. It helps me to earn my first profit, $200, part of which I successfully withrdrew yesterday.

    Robot On 16 May 2016 At 02:26 pm
  • Thanks for the Robot, it helps me to earn my first big profit! I haven't seen any problems in work of advisor, really. I've been using it during whole day since March.

    sindy On 25 August 2015 At 09:10 am
  • I am trading with GBPJPY and can say that I like this advisor because it earns for me about $153 on this week!