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Дата первой подачи жалобы2016-03-22
Дата подачи претензии2016-04-04 12:03:14
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Dear Sir or Madam, according to the recommendation of the TCS Group chief manager, I concluded an agreement with trader Ruslan, who worked in Larson&Holz and managed my deposit of $2,000. In a month, my deposit decreased and amounted to $650. In my opinion, such a work is called a deliberately drained deposit! I kindly ask you to understand the situation, I can provide all proofs. When I deposited my money to an account via RBK money, the chief manager notified me of the 2% commission, but in fact the commission was 10%! I told the manager about it, but she said that I shouldn't worry; my trader Ruslan will earn it in a day. I think the manager had to say about a real commission fee in advance. Their methods of working are a constant psychological pressure on a client in a form of appeasement and promises that all will be great and that the situation on my account is good, and that the trader has 15 years of experience. Also she strongly recommended not to put restriction on the deposit in the contract. She explained that it's more comfortable for the trader when the price goes up and down, then returns back for exposure of slippage. The chief manager said that trading on account will be stopped if slippage will be 20%. Then an investigation will start, and they will find out the cause and then an account will be transferred to another trader to correct the situation. In fact, trading had never stopped. When I saw a slippage of 10% I asked to stop trading and to close all unprofitable transactions. But the trader ignored my request saying that it's a pity to lose the acquired. He proved in an emotional form that everything goes perfectly and he is just waiting for a turn of the market. Well, that's their strategy: a trader doesn't use stop losses, because “it leads to the “ugly” statement with unprofitable deals” and trading with big lots. And during a slippage he asks the client to deposit more money. I offered him to participate with other traders to rescue my deposit. Ruslan answered he will think about it. But he didn't call me and ignored my calls. So I decided to close all transactions. The next day I arrived to their office to clarify the situation. The chief manager said that I am guilty of everything! And that I didn't ask other traders to rescue my deposit! I was shocked! It's nonsense! It's extortion and a planned psychological pressure on a client! I want trader Ruslan to recognize his unprofessionalism and the company to compensate me for the losses!

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    Franklin On 05 April 2016 At 05:10 pm
  • Awful! This is naked fraud! And it's very similar to Teletrade, when they extort funds from beginners. Are they working together?