Company nameGAINSY.COM
The date of first request2017-01-11
Complaint date2017-03-09 19:50:18
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1) Gainsy no Forex Registration or licence! 2) Every rules violated ( Margincut Rules etc) 3) Just robbed me 28K EUR 4) Never answered my question not even tried 5) Claim to be a STP broker never gave evidence of routing my orders into the market 6) They opened 6 Trades within 1-2 minutes to wipe out my account (see Attachment) 7) They did this to many before evidence on forexpeacearmy ans myfxbook just a few points! i could write a book with hard evidence how criminal this company is!

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    gall On 13 March 2017 At 05:00 pm
  • How long have you been trading here? I've never heard about any problems in gainsy, coz my friend is trading here now