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The date of first request2016-10-27
Complaint date2016-11-11 13:37:34
Complaint statusScam
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Unfortunately, broker didn't recover my account balance and I've already sent them one more complaint. They said: "We don't see any problems on our side. Concerning to the execution non-market prices took place. In relation to platform's working, we don't have any complaints from the other clients. Perhaps, there were connection problems on your side''. But I don't agree with them because my Internet connection works well and very fast. It's strange that problems appeared only when I earned more than $100. I lost about $140 and I don't know how to prove them that the problem and responsibility are on their side.

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    Jarvis On 03 February 2017 At 06:10 pm
  • I've been trading with them for 8 months. Not very active, but I didn't want to withdraw that money and prefered practicing. So I remember their execution very well.. Not often but 2-3 tomes a month I lost 40-50 points on it. Firstly, I sent complaints to support, but then I finished as they do it very slow. I've just closed my account here and changed broker. And recommend the same to others,,

    Angela On 27 December 2016 At 05:03 pm
  • Maybe I will be in minority, but I can't belive in fault of broker. I've been trading here since March and never seen any problems. It's necfessary to clarify this situation!

    Joe On 05 December 2016 At 11:21 am
  • Yeah, it's scam... I had had similar experience. Can't say better than this guy

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