Company nameIronFX
The date of first request2016-07-04
Complaint date2016-07-27 11:11:12
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Hello, I cannot withdraw money from my IB account. I've already submitted three requests, but none of them was processed. I asked my manager to conduct an investigation on my account, but he told me that the reason for withdrawal delay is that my clients were hedging their accounts. I cancelled the request and made a new one on my second IB account. The situation repeated, and my request was cancelled. This time my manager told me that the rules of the company changed and now I should trade the money on a new account, Mirror Product. I'm not willing to risk my money and I don't understand why I can't get my commissions!

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    BonJovi On 01 November 2016 At 05:16 pm
  • I think you'll never get your money back, because this company is scam! I was working with them when lost the most profit in my trading experiense! They cheated me for $310 and didn't re-count my profit. It was unfair!