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The date of first request2016-05-11
Complaint date2016-05-26 16:09:30
Complaint statusScam
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Alfa-Forex canceled my profit on 4 deals. I was trading AUDUSD and AUDJPY. They only referred to the 4.5 clause when I asked them in my complaint whether there were non-market prices. They said that my deal on AUD/USD was opened with bid 0.77039; and on AUD/JPY bid was 81.855. As they said, there were no such prices in the market at that time; it was allegedly seen on Bloomberg. I don't understand why broker didn't warn that prices were non-market and why it avoided responsibility for the price falsification? Also, these prices aren't deleted from graphics yet.

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    Serena On 02 June 2016 At 01:58 pm
  • Yes, they have stupid agreement. That's why I've srtopped trading with them.

    Luis On 30 May 2016 At 04:15 pm
  • I'm not sure that they will explain to you all the reasons of their decision. Nearly always they communicate like this: “Why did you cancel my profit?” – “There was non-market prices. It is written in the Agreement that you signed before you opened an account”....

    Perfect On 27 May 2016 At 01:16 pm
  • It seems to me that Alfa-Forex didn't delete profit with orders, but quickly erase all history to remove all evidences, no?