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The date of first request2015-09-08
Complaint date2015-09-24 09:53:58
Complaint statusScam
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Dear traders, bForex is a big scam! I have two complaints. The first one is that personal managers deliberately drained my money. After account opening, I spoke with the manager and he promised he’d provide me with professional assistance in trading. I believed him and calmed down. But after the third unsuccessful transaction, I began to look closely to recommendations of other analysts and saw that advice that my trader gave me was often completely opposed. Then, I began to doubt the professionalism of the manager. I lost about $200 in the end! The second thing that confused me was unprofessional staff. Due to the fact that I lost money, soon I needed to deposit some funds to my account. The manager recommended me to do it with a credit card. I asked if I could then make a withdrawal through wire transfer, he said yes, no problem. However, as it turned out, three months later, when I wanted to make a withdrawal, I was not allowed to make a wire transfer because I made a deposit with credit card. All these facts suggest unprofessionalism of the employees and unfair attitude towards customers. Because of their irresponsible actions, I lost a lot of money. I strongly recommend not to use the services of this broker.

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    fitzgerald On 28 September 2015 At 12:28 pm
  • I recommend to continue trading on demo until you can trade without any managers and other traders.

    krokodil On 25 September 2015 At 01:08 pm
  • Do not deposit a lot of money with an unregulated broker like bForex.

    marlin On 24 September 2015 At 10:16 am
  • All I can say – never believe brokers that says you can gain lot of profits every month. Those are falls promises.